Black lives matter.

This is not a print I’ll be sell­ing, but it’s avail­able for you to down­load and dis­perse as you will.

I have no words to add to the onslaught of tragedy this year that has been police vio­lence against black peo­ple. I know that it’s not just this year. I know that it stems from the racism and white suprema­cy on which our coun­try laid its foun­da­tion.

Black lives mat­ter. And if you feel a need to rush to mod­i­fy that state­ment to be more inclu­sive or to place con­di­tions upon it, might I sug­gest you ask your­self why the very asser­tion that black lives mat­ter makes you so quick to protest.

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  1. Allison on January 6, 2015 at 12:34 am

    AMEN! Thank you, and excel­lent point.

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