Comic book girl Halloween makeup.

Comic book girl Halloween makeup.

As I wrote last year, I’ve never really dressed up for Halloween before the past year or so. This year, I wanted to do something special, especially since we were having friends over for a low-​key Halloween hangout celebration and I have makeup at my disposal.

Roy Lichtenstein has been one of my favourite pop artists since I saw a catalog my art teacher mom had that featured him as an artist. So when I saw Emma Pickles’ YouTube tutorial on how to do a comic book girl/​Roy Lichtenstein style look, I became uncontrollably excited. Especially when I realized I basically had everything I needed!

I ultimately decided not to dye my hair or use a wig — I thought my curls and cut worked well with the look as they are. I wore a navy dress with white and tan polka dots from Dress Barn and a string of faux pearls to pull everything together.

I’m really pleased with how this turned out. Maybe next year I’ll get even more adventurous!

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