Comment policy.

Given the diversity of my peer group and thus readership, I expect that from time to time, passionate debate may occur. Here are some things to keep in mind when you enter discussions.

  • Be respectful. There really shouldn’t need to be any other guidelines, but I’ve been part of too many online discussions to think that it’s the only one needed.
  • Don’t make inflammatory remarks about the beliefs and practices of others. Critiquing institutional or commonly-​held practices is one thing and can be helpful. Comments like, “Religious people are delusional” or “If you don’t use Fireworks, you’re not a real web professional” will be deleted.
  • No homophobic, racist, sexist, classist, or ableist remarks. In other words, don’t use terms that have been used to demonize or marginalize people of different sexual orientations, ethnicities, religious beliefs, physical or mental abilities, gender, or place in society.
  • No personal attacks on anyone ever. Except maybe Hitler.
  • On that note, in general, Godwin’s Law is in effect.
  • I am the final law in what is okay to say here and what is not. This is not a government-​run site; it is a Dani-​run site. I’m all for open, productive discussion. But when it comes down to it, it’s up to me and no one else what is allowed on this site.
  • On that note also, if you continually concern troll me and make me feel like my own site isn’t a safe place for me anymore, you will be blocked.

Thanks, all!