I’m Dani Ward, the Fat Girl doing the Living.

This lit­tle site is basi­cal­ly my dig­i­tal liv­ing room — where I think, write, talk to peo­ple, and sell my hand-let­ter­ing and illus­tra­tion art­work. Hang out with me while I explore body-pos­i­tiv­i­ty, liv­ing as a sur­vivor, inter­sec­tion­al fem­i­nism, along with more light­heart­ed top­ics like my favorite video games, make­up palettes, and peo­ple.

Image description: close-up photo of Dani Ward, from mid-chest up. She has very curly asymmetrical pink, purple, and brown hair. She's wearing large black-rimmed hipster-style glasses, a large crystal stud in her left nostril, and a bib-style necklace of orange, purple, and pink pendants. She's smiling, bordering on smirking.

Fat Girl Highlights

I Belong to Me

One of the defin­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics of Chris­tian­i­ty today is that it has a con­sent prob­lem.

White Supremacy in America and Me

I ben­e­fit from white suprema­cy. And if you’re a white Amer­i­can — so do you.

A Tale of Male Entitlement

This com­plete stranger, in the span of 90 sec­onds, demon­strat­ed that he felt enti­tled to a) my atten­tion, b) my pos­ses­sions, c) my good­will, and d) my body.

Online as in Person

Online life is real life. It’s an unavoid­able part of life in the 21st cen­tu­ry.