Haikus With Dani: Existential Edition

Haikus With Dani: Existential Edition

I’ve been rather existential lately. I mean, I usually am anyway. But back to the “it’s hard to explain in anything except shards of thought” kind of existential. So. The contents of these haikus will likely turn into blog posts at some point. But for now, I serve them to you as the fragments they are.


My body and soul
seem to invite punishment
from both God and man.

I was raised to think
I’d earned eternal torture
simply existing.

I’m broken, defiled,
and incurably evil…
at least, so they say.

Not only that, but
my body’s a weapon that
men will detonate.

My gender and size
necessitate silence and
breed contempt from all.

I’m drowning in shame
from my very existence
without and within.


Anxiety, trauma,
depression and chronic pain
mark me “Abnormal.”

But what is “Normal?”
I only know it’s something
I have never been.

I just cannot do
what everyone expects…or
am I projecting?

I don’t know how to
see myself as anything
but inconvenient.

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  1. Karen Renee on May 17, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Normal is the cage
    embraced by the Fearful Ones
    so they won’t need growth.

    Their anger explodes
    watching others walk through bars
    they never question.

    is just their word for freedom
    as you fly away.


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