Haikus With Dani: overwhelmed; overwhelming.


Haikus With Dani: overwhelmed; overwhelming.


Brought to you by intense introspection during a season of traumatic anniversaries. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to describe my mental health struggles, and I think I touched on a couple of things pretty well here.

my head and heart are
overwhelmed; overwhelming
me and — likely — you.

healing from trauma
isn’t really linear
my brain feels broken.

depression drains me
while leeching energy from
everyone ’round me.

depression is like
being heavy with lead but
filled with helium:

i may float away
or sink below. i don’t care,
so long as I’m gone.

i’ll always assume
my anxiety bothers
you as much as me.

anxiety is
bees buzzing in my chest — and
i’m afraid of bees.

i don’t know what’s true.
is my fear rooted in fact
or merely bee stings?

i do not mean to
overwhelm you. i simply
overwhelm myself. 

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