Haikus With Dani: overwhelmed; overwhelming.


Haikus With Dani: overwhelmed; overwhelming.


Brought to you by intense intro­spec­tion dur­ing a sea­son of trau­mat­ic anniver­saries. I’ve been think­ing a lot about how to describe my men­tal health strug­gles, and I think I touched on a cou­ple of things pret­ty well here.

my head and heart are
over­whelmed; over­whelm­ing
me and — like­ly — you.

heal­ing from trau­ma
isn’t real­ly lin­ear
my brain feels bro­ken.

depres­sion drains me
while leech­ing ener­gy from
every­one ’round me.

depres­sion is like
being heavy with lead but
filled with heli­um:

i may float away
or sink below. i don’t care,
so long as I’m gone.

i’ll always assume
my anx­i­ety both­ers
you as much as me.

anx­i­ety is
bees buzzing in my chest — and
i’m afraid of bees.

i don’t know what’s true.
is my fear root­ed in fact
or mere­ly bee stings?

i do not mean to
over­whelm you. i sim­ply
over­whelm myself.

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