Haikus with Dani: Coercion


Haikus with Dani: Coercion


St. Patrick’s Day will nev­er be the same for me. This whole week has been noth­ing but hell­ish mem­o­ry almost every wak­ing moment. I’m so grate­ful for the friends and fam­i­ly who have spent time with me to make sure I’m not alone and that I’m safe.

Con­tent note: rape

a year has passed since
his week-long coer­cion, and
i still won­der why.

what about me screams
“this girl rapes easy!”? is there
some­thing i’m miss­ing?

all i know is that
he seemed friend­ly and harm­less
til it was too late.

even then, i couldn’t
accept what had hap­pened, so
i thought i was fine.

the first night was bad.
yet i spun a glow­ing tale,
hor­rors unmen­tioned.

the last night was worse,
left me shak­en and chok­ing…
it’s hard to sit there.

my house is haunt­ed,
his ghost lurk­ing all around.
it’s hard to ignore.

every­where i go
holds uncer­tain­ty and fear:
what if he sees me?

even my body
holds mem­o­ries, sen­sa­tions…
there is no escape.

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