Headphone Hipster Illustration

Headphone Hipster Illustration

I’ve been a huge fan of Jes­si­ca Dur­rant’s illus­tra­tions for years. She occa­sion­al­ly posts short videos on Insta­gram show­ing her process, and I’ve always found it mes­mer­iz­ing.

I’ve also start­ed watch­ing videos from bril­liant fash­ion design­er and illus­tra­tor Zoe Hong. Ask any of my friends from high school, and they’ll tell you that fash­ion has not real­ly ever been my exper­tise. But as I’ve been embrac­ing and coax­ing out my inner femme, I’ve become far more inter­est­ed — if not in fash­ion on my body, then at least in ren­der­ing it.

The thing is, though: I’ve nev­er real­ly paint­ed. I’ve cre­at­ed 5 acrylic paint­ings in my life, all of which were done in col­lege in 2007. I’ve drawn with mark­ers and microns with some suc­cess. But as I’ve grown more inter­est­ed in illus­tra­tion and fash­ion, I’ve been study­ing Jes­si­ca Durrant’s work more and test­ing out how ink and water can work togeth­er.

Which is where this illus­tra­tion hap­pened over the course of a cou­ple hours yes­ter­day.

This was cre­at­ed using a stock pho­to from deviantART artist Twig­gX­s­tock as a ref­er­ence. I used Dr. Ph. Martin’s India Ink (a mix of black and a tiny bit of pur­ple, actu­al­ly) in a fine-tipped Pen­tel Aquash water brush along with clean water in a medi­um-tipped Pen­tel Aquash water brush on Can­son 140# cold-pressed water­col­or paper (9x12). For my first real for­ay into ink/­fash­ion-ish illus­tra­tion, I’m pret­ty pleased — and real­ly excit­ed about what I may be able to do with some prac­tice.

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