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Logo Design Demo: From Sketch to First Drafts


Logo Design Demo: From Sketch to First Drafts


Today’s lesson in one of my graphic design classes covered moving from mind maps, notes, and sketches to Adobe Illustrator when creating a logo.

This particular class is preparing for their final portfolio review at the end of the semester. Students majoring in graphic design, web design, or simulation will be interviewing with 3 local design or marketing professionals each. These local contacts will review student work, give input on project and presentation quality, then talk about the student’s future as designers.

I’ve assigned a collection of projects for this class. My students must essentially brand themselves. They’re designing everything from a logo to business cards, resumes, and a print portfolio.

Branding isn’t just about logos.

But logo design is a large part of creating a brand identity. So I’ve been walking through a logo design demo for my students — and others interested in graphic design.

In this video, I show you how to move from notes and sketches to the design stage. It’s crucial to create a lot of iterations. While it’s tempting to run with the first idea you have, it’s far better to thoroughly explore ideas to help land on the best solution.

I’ve been demonstrating what steps to take using my own name, and thought I’d share with the wider world at large.

Logo Design Demo

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