On positive feedback.

On positive feedback.

A friend recently recommended the service Freshbooks to me to use with a stray freelance job in which I needed to create an invoice. As a relatively inexperienced freelancer (who works full-​time — my freelancing services are offered to friends and acquaintances outside of my company’s client base), I’d never needed to invoice anyone before. Payment usually was just an email sent to my contact with a link to my PayPal account. But this time, my client needed a formal invoice.

At first, I was skeptical — I didn’t want a plan that would be free for 30 days then force me to pay or leave. I was delighted to see that there was indeed a free option for people like me, with 3 clients or less and no staff to speak of. In fact, every step of discovery was laced with delight, and I found myself thinking, “If ever I were to freelance full-​time, or even have a larger client base, I would happily give these people money to help me organize my workflow and invoicing.”

So when I received an email from one of their staff offering assistance to me at the end of my trial, I couldn’t just delete it as I normally would. I took the time to thank their staff member for reaching out to me and to let him know that my needs were being met with the free option but I loved the service enough to pay when the time comes.

Why did I do that? I could have just let the email pass. I’m busy, they’re busy — is it even profitable to take up someone’s time when I’m not ready to close a deal?

I think so.

You see, I love hearing feedback from my clients and customers. I love hearing what I’m doing right, and what I could do to make their experience better.

And so I try to do the same for others. 

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