Pro-​Choice and Proud


Pro-​Choice and Proud


I’ve obliquely referred to my stance on abortion before (in fact, it was one sentence in a 3,000 word post that Christians latched onto somehow, because of course they did). In case it’s not abundantly clear from the topics I discuss, I’d like to set the record straight: I am firmly, unabashedly, vehemently pro-choice.

Of course, growing up within fundamentalist Christianity as I did, I’ve spent much of my life being incredibly anti-​choice. (I refuse to use the term “pro-​life,” as it is incredibly misleading.) Rather than using this space to defend my stance, I’ll allow Libby Anne to talk this one out, as she is far more eloquent than I am.

The long and short of it is: everyone deserves basic reproductive health, and for people with uteruses, that health is impossible without the right to choose.

Show Support People with Uteruses

While I don’t think this effects much change, I do recognize that demonstrating support for various causes does help normalize these things. It shows people who disagree that they have a loved one with different views — it removes you as The Other and perhaps inspires conversation. It shows other progressives (particularly in conservative communities) that they’re not alone.

With that in mind, I’ve drawn a Pro-​Choice declaration and posted the design on many products in my Zazzle store — including a postcard that you can buy to contact your delegates and senators and urge them to not succumb to the extremely damaging anti-​choice agenda that’s sweeping our nation.

Don’t just support places like Planned Parenthood Action (but please do!! especially your local clinics!!). Support the people in your life who need that support.

Normalize and support a person’s right to choose. 

You can totally shout this from the rooftops…or your front yard…or your body. Oh! Your car, your laptop, your morning coffee, your shopping…the possibilities are endless!

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