Pro-Choice and Proud


Pro-Choice and Proud


I’ve oblique­ly referred to my stance on abor­tion before (in fact, it was one sen­tence in a 3,000 word post that Chris­tians latched onto some­how, because of course they did). In case it’s not abun­dant­ly clear from the top­ics I dis­cuss, I’d like to set the record straight: I am firm­ly, unabashed­ly, vehe­ment­ly pro-choice.

Of course, grow­ing up with­in fun­da­men­tal­ist Chris­tian­i­ty as I did, I’ve spent much of my life being incred­i­bly anti-choice. (I refuse to use the term “pro-life,” as it is incred­i­bly mis­lead­ing.) Rather than using this space to defend my stance, I’ll allow Lib­by Anne to talk this one out, as she is far more elo­quent than I am.

The long and short of it is: every­one deserves basic repro­duc­tive health, and for peo­ple with uterus­es, that health is impos­si­ble with­out the right to choose.

Show Support People with Uteruses

While I don’t think this effects much change, I do rec­og­nize that demon­strat­ing sup­port for var­i­ous caus­es does help nor­mal­ize these things. It shows peo­ple who dis­agree that they have a loved one with dif­fer­ent views — it removes you as The Oth­er and per­haps inspires con­ver­sa­tion. It shows oth­er pro­gres­sives (par­tic­u­lar­ly in con­ser­v­a­tive com­mu­ni­ties) that they’re not alone.

With that in mind, I’ve drawn a Pro-Choice dec­la­ra­tion and post­ed the design on many prod­ucts in my Zaz­zle store — includ­ing a post­card that you can buy to con­tact your del­e­gates and sen­a­tors and urge them to not suc­cumb to the extreme­ly dam­ag­ing anti-choice agen­da that’s sweep­ing our nation.

Don’t just sup­port places like Planned Par­ent­hood Action (but please do!! espe­cial­ly your local clin­ics!!). Sup­port the peo­ple in your life who need that sup­port.

Normalize and support a person’s right to choose. 

You can total­ly shout this from the rooftops…or your front yard…or your body. Oh! Your car, your lap­top, your morn­ing cof­fee, your shopping…the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less!

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