Let’s Work Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah

You need an artist. I am an artist. It’s like we’re meant to be!

There’s a 10-step process to work­ing with me. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. You’ll tell me what you need. I can’t give you an accu­rate quote for work I haven’t been told about! When you fill out the form below, it helps give me a fuller pic­ture of the work you need to be done. Then I can more accu­rate­ly gauge the time and ser­vices need­ed for the project. It saves us both some time!
  2. We’ll talk about the project togeth­er. This can hap­pen over email, on the phone, or through a ser­vice like Skype. We’ll get to know each oth­er a lit­tle bit and be able to pin­point what you want your design to com­mu­ni­cate and feel like.
  3. I’ll write up a pro­pos­al based on your answers to the ques­tions below and what we talked about in the con­ver­sa­tion that fol­lowed.
  4. You’ll sign the con­tract and pay 50% of the price. That way we have in writ­ing what our agree­ment is, and we’ve both invest­ed in the project to ensure it will be com­plet­ed.
  5. I’ll start research­ing and sketch­ing. I want to keep you as involved as you want to be in my process. I usu­al­ly cre­ate mood boards in Pin­ter­est to gath­er visu­al ideas that are sim­i­lar to what we talked about for your project, then I begin pre­lim­i­nary sketch­es. I’m hap­py to share these with you so we know we’re on the same page.
  6. I’ll give you 1–3 rough drafts and we’ll talk about them. I want to explain to you why I made those design deci­sions. Then I’ll make a rec­om­men­da­tion for which design I think pro­vides the strongest solu­tion.
  7. You’ll give me your feed­back and give me the go-ahead to move on to final­iz­ing a design.
  8. I’ll fin­ish up the design and we’ll work out any minor revi­sions. We usu­al­ly won’t go through more than 2 or 3 rounds of revi­sions, because we’ve worked so close­ly togeth­er that the project will already have your approval.
  9. You’ll pay the final 50%. The work is com­plete so our con­tract is ful­filled!
  10. I’ll pre­pare every­thing for pro­duc­tion. You’ll receive final design files, so you can pro­vide them to a ven­dor of your choice. If it’s a per­son­al piece, I’ll take care of any pro­duc­tion work you’d like me to han­dle.

All that sound okay to you? Then what are you wait­ing for? Fill out that form and let’s get start­ed!